The Pink Pearl – A Natural Treasure of the Caribbean
This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of the pink pearl of the Caribbean. The pink pearl is produced by a very beautiful shellfish, the queen conch, and is unrivaled anywhere in the world. On average, one in every 10,000 queen conch shells contains a pearl. Sue Hendrickson as a professional diver has spent much of her life collecting pink pearls most of which have been discovered by Caribbean people who fish for conch for its flesh.
>The Pink Pearl – A Natural Treasure of the Caribbean - Book

Hunt for the Past - My Life As An Explorer
Sue Hendrickson has always been interested in exploration and discovery. In this exclusive autobiography she offers an exciting account of her life from the exhilaration of her first “find” at the age of four to her most remarkable achievement - unearthing the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever found. Packed with full-colour photos, this book will be an inspiration to kids everywhere who dream of making discoveries of their own.
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Sue Hendrickson: Explorer on Land and Sea

A new book appeared in the series "Women Explorers". Women Explorers chronicles the lives of six intrepid women whose hunger for adventure and knowledge compelled them to travel paths of discovery around the world. Their discoveries have provided a great store of information on topics ranging from ancient dinosaur fossils to life in Tibet, and their achievements have challenged the established roles of women in their fields.

The new publication: Sue Hendrickson: Explorer on Land and Sea is now available at bookshops under the ISBN number 0791077136, through  Amazon or from Chelsea House Publishers.
>Explorer of Land and Sea

Sue Hendrickson - Modern Adventurer
Children's Book: All her life, Sue Hendrickson has been drawn to learning new things, uncovering the past, and exploring the world. A nice booklet published by Wright Group under ISNB number 1-4045-2837-7.
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